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Season 6 Episode 1

Good Mourning

posted on Abril 24,31 notas
posted on Abril 24,305 notas


Arizona: “Shut up! Just shut up! You don’t get to tell me we’re not together, we are together because I love you and you love me and then the rest of it matters, WE.ARE.TOGETHER and if you ever sleep with anyone else again man or woman I will kick the crap out of you now you sit your ass back down there because that’s my baby in there and I don’t want anything happening to my baby!”

Callie: “Your baby huh?”

Arizona: “Our baby”

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Maturity (Happiness)

posted on Abril 24,136 notas

make me choose: hoechlinnz asked: calzona pre-plane crash or calzona post-plane crash

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Hairporn-Queen of season 10: Arizona Robbins

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